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The power of Belief – What is wrong with Prosperity and Heath and Wealth Teaching 

The fundamental principle here is that belief and intentions are the currency or energy of the spirit dimension. The more natural power and the more authority an individual has, the more they can achieve. Authority comes from association; whose side you are on, who you know in the spirit world. Psalm 82 calls the rulers of this world gods, and we were all created to be little gods, but because of our dissociation from our creator we are not allowed to become powerful. The more powerful we become the more arrogant and selfish we become, and vulnerable to the enemy, and the less likely we are to trust God. That is why Jesus said “blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth”.  

Is high self esteem not the most obvious solution to low self esteem? Not necessarily. Faith takes the focus  away from ourselves and focuses our attention outwards. The real ‘secret’ is to give to get; show honour and you will get honour. The ‘law of attraction’ is about pulling resources into ourselves, and about becoming great. The law of attraction is the belief in belief itself that has been used by the occult for centuries.
Additionally there are two ways in which prosperity teachers use natural and old testament thinking as opposed to New Testament supernatural thinking.
Firstly, they feel that if a Christian surrounds themselves with people who have negative spirits or moods the Christian will be influenced by the spirit of the bad or fearful people. Naturally speaking submissive people are more easily affected by dominant people.
However, When we surrender to God and adopt his values we close the door in our own spirit to the enemy and we have spiritual walls around us to keep our mind and feelings focused on faith rather than on our nature. So we need not be affected by the anxiety or excitement of the world around us.

Secondly, They believe that if you are not healthy and wealthy that you are doing something wrong or not believing. There is an Old Testament truth to that, in the sense that God promised to bless those that do good, but that was an external covenant. It is true that naturally those who have enjoyed good parenting and respect from peers will do well in life through their natural confidence an skills. And as Christians mature they become healthier. But the New Testament has superseded this principle. We are encouraged to come to Jesus for rest, to fall into the ground and die, to let go of greatness and success so that Christ’s attitudes and power can help us seek his kingdom. We are not to seek our own greatness and kingdom, but to let it go and trust God for provision of these trifling insignificant matters. Well being and mediation will help us be calm but it will not remove evil from our heart or from our provide grace to love the unlovable.

Power over Ourselves

 However we are also able to use the verbal expression and visualisation of our belief to change ourselves (placebo), and manifest them the external world (religion/occult). But the problem arises from formalising these into techniques and rituals as then the focus will not be on God, but rather on our needs and on our greatness, and we do not know who or what is giving us our desires. These techniques can become an idol because they distract us from harmony and dependency on our creator and his goodness. There are ways of getting information from external spiritual sources, for example from the universal unconscious human spirit, or through mystical connection to the spirit dimension. 

In the light of this I will try to explain what I have come to understand about the power of belief and the spoken word. Prosperity preachers use positive belief to better their status, but their belief about God and about themselves does not bring them into God’s kingdom or bring them into God’s own righteousness. God does want to give us nice things but he does not want us to seek those things. We should not find our worth in possessions, social acceptance or beauty. Our purpose is to glorify God and not ourselves, then one day God will honor us.


I have identified three levels: Natural belief, supernatural belief, Belief in God.

  1. Natural Belief happens all of the time and what we believe about ourselves, God and other people affects the way we live, our ambitions and our self worth. It will affect other people as we interact but also on a spiritual level to some degree as we are all one human spirit. For example if you believe you are healthy you are more likely to be healthy, (placebo) and if you believe people like you they are more likely to like you. It seems like there is a spiritual law in place that makes this happen automatically. This should only be used to affect ourselves. Telepathy may also be a aspect of natural spirituality. 


  1. Supernatural belief, or external manifestation, is when you state your beliefs and intentions audibly and visualise them, and either angels or demons cause them to become realities over time. The speaker is aware of what they are doing and usually are believing in the power of their own belief or in an ethereal force. This kind of phenomena has been used for millennia by occultists and Shamen, and more recently by televangelists and Prosperity teachers like TD Jakes and Joel Austin. It could be argued that Old Testament prophets did this when they stated what would happen in the future, however they normally heard from God first so that they knew what to prophesy. Some tag Jesus name on the end, but this does not guarantee that it will be good angels carrying out these intentions.

It is difficult to know exactly what we are capable of on our own with just the power of our belief. Those people who are close to the spirit dimension will receive dreams and knowledge of how someone will die, for example, but these can be either from angels or demons. It depends on the direction of the heart and association with God or the enemy. Similarly Humans are capable of remote viewing, astral projection, and affecting other people through their intentions, but we are warned against this as we probably employ the help of demons when we do these things. 

3. Belief in the Almighty- 

Petition: When Faith petitions God it by passes the first two principals and goes straight to the creator with fervent cries for help. We need neither self belief nor to state our intentions, we just approach God as a humble child. It could be argued that we are stating our belief to God by praying but it is with a dependant attitude and is not a declaration. Faith originates from God and its goal is God. 

I recommend not addressing the Holy spirit directly but always making the Father the focus of our prayer, as the ‘Lord’s prayer’ teaches us.

Declaration: When we know God’s will by having our heart aligned with his then we can declare our intentions, but even this is done in an attitude of dependence.  God’s authority can be used to get his will done in supernatural ways, when we are associated with God. We don’t need to wait for a specific instruction necessarily, but it works best when we sense God moving in a certain situation. It can be used to declare God’s power over a person or place and to speak truth over ourselves.  If we get results but we are not humble followers of Jesus then it is probably not God who is carrying out the blessing (or curse). The best know example is of when Peter and John went into the temple and told the lame man to walk. It can be abused like the sons of Sceva (Acts 19) who were beaten up by the demon possessed man because they were not associated with God almighty.

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